Summer 2021 Conference: Be The Change

This three-day conference is open to both new and existing IL HPP chapters at the middle school and high school level! Join us to learn more about leadership, nutrition, digital wellness, and continue to grow your chapters and positive team culture!

We are limited in the amount of registrants we can have attend on the first day as it is in person, so please register as soon as possible!

Schools and IL HPP Chapters are limited to a max of 12 students/staff currently. We will continue to monitor registration to make sure that all students who are eligible to attend can join us!

Date: June 22nd-June 24th

Time: June 22nd: 9am-3pm, June 23rd-24th: 9am-11am

Cost: $20 per attendee

Register Now!

About the Speakers


M&P Presentations

Matt and Phil are a nationally known motivational speaking duo who bring energy and positivity like no other! They are proud to work towards their life-changing mission daily and spread their message to audiences across the entire nation. M&P’s official mission is to model a healthy lifestyle, promote lifelong learning and education, spread positive energy, and lift up people’s successes through presentations, social media and the “Train of Positivity” short films.


Bailey Jones

Bailey Jones is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. Her mission is to empower athletes to use food to fuel athletic and academic success. In her role as the Assistant Director of Performance Nutrition at Indiana University, she is responsible for team and staff education, meal planning, individual nutrition counseling, and supplement safety initiatives. In her free time, Bailey enjoys being outdoors, running, cooking, and spending time with her friends and family.


Tim Woodrome

Tim is a youth pastor for middle and high school students at a church in St. Louis, MO. He studied sport management in college and worked for the Cardinals for five years, but ultimately he decided that his greatest purpose in life is to invest in the lives of students. His passion for the next generation also inspired him to start a YouTube show for kids called Timmy Bow Ties. Through new episodes that premiere every Saturday morning at 9, the show strives to entertain and uplift kids and kids at heart!


Annemarie Sampson

Annemarie has been proudly serving the Chicagoland fitness community for 35 years. A manager of The Chicago Sweat Shop, one of Chicago’s first aerobic studios, started her love for group exercise before opening her own gym Second Wind. Realizing a growing trend for Personal Trainers, she received her certification and has worked with professional athletes and corporate business leaders. 35 years later she is coaching high school cross country and spending her days educating on environmental and digital wellness.


John Woods

John has been an Athletic Director for 18 years. He was the AD at Champaign Central High School for 15 years and is currently in his third year as the AD at Libertyville High School. Prior to, John spent 16 years coaching various sports such as basketball, track and field, and volleyball. John has also held various roles within IADA (Illinois Athletic Director Association).

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