This FREE Performance Clinic will provide adult attendees with effective and supportive communication strategies for student-athletes and youth. The presentation is intended to help provide ideas on how to create a safe and supportive performance culture. The skills that foster this type of culture include communication tactics, eating disorder awareness, and how to best support those who are struggling with mental health. ISBE credits will be available for this online event.


7:30 P.M.-8:30 P.M. CT


Dr. Fernandez created a list of 40 factors that could influence a student-athlete’s performance on and off the court. This list can also apply to those who are not student-athletes! It’s a reminder that there are a lot of important facets of a person and why they are or are not performing and we need to be empathetic to what’s in and out of their control!

Coaches, teachers, mentors, and other adults play an important role in the lives of youth. Use the guide to the right to learn how to support students and student-athletes who are struggling with eating disorders, which can be very serious.

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Dr. Savannah Fernandez, a clinical and sport psychological resident, has worked with adolescents, adults, and their families to navigate various types of concerns including depression, anxiety, and eating disorders since 2016. She has long envisioned bringing together her passion for the treatment of eating disorders and sports psychology since entering graduate school, and thus found her home at McCallum Place’s Victory Program. Dr. Fernandez’s goal in working with others is to help increase self-compassion and self-love as one moves through life’s trials and tribulations. She also aims to foster self-empowerment, flexibility, and interpersonal connectedness with those around her.

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