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Illinois Human Performance Project Virtual Summit

Due to COVID-19 we have made the difficult decision to cancel our Illinois Wesleyan University conference June 9-11, 2020. Instead, we have decided to bring our trainings to our social media during those three days! Check out more information below!

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Join the IL HPP Team along with four impactful speakers for a condensed three-day virtual conference experience! Students and staff will participate in short, interactive sessions through  IL HPP social media designed to develop leadership skills, personal growth, and chapter evolvement! All middle school and high school students and staff are welcome to participate!

There is no individual registration required for this virtual summit. If you are a staff member wanting your school to participate, please complete this form by May 22nd so we can email you the participant packet and explore your interest in having us join your school’s video call.

If you are a student interested in attending our virtual summit, please contact your school’s chapter advisor or IL HPP at [email protected]

On Thursday, June 11th IL HPP will be awarding nominated students for 5 well-deserved awards. If you would like to submit nominations, please complete this Google form by June 1st.

We hope to see you at our virtual event and hopefully one (or multiple) video conference calls with your schools! Please contact us with any questions.

Join us! Participation Packet

Click on the button below to download our fillable PDF of the Participation Packet! Use this as a tool to follow along during our three day virtual summit! Inside are note pages, reflection questions, and pages to help you plan for your goals for the future!

Virtual Summit Speakers

leading a legacy, virtual summit, keynote speakers, m&p presentations
leading a legacy, keynote speaker, brandy lewis

M & P Presentations

Brandy Lewis

Matt and Phil are a nationally known motivational speaking duo who bring energy and positivity like no other! They are proud to work towards their life-changing mission daily and spread their message to audiences across the entire nation. M&P’s official mission is to model a healthy lifestyle, promote lifelong learning and education, spread positive energy, and lift up people’s successes through presentations, social media, the “train of positivity” short films!

Brandy Lewis is a Chicago native that moved to Los Angeles almost 5 years ago and works in the Media Advertising industry. When she’s not negotiating television rates, she spends her time advocating and raising awareness for chronic illnesses, disabilities (both visible and invisible) and patient advocacy. She feels that using her voice is the best way to fight and show her activism, by connecting with others through her own experiences. She sheds light on discrimination as a patient, disability gatekeeping and inaccessible issues in our society. Despite many complications with her health, Brandy continues to build and leave her legacy while collecting little victories along the way.

leading a legacy virtual summit, human performance project, joe bush speaking
joel pelland, leading a legacy virtual summit, human performance project

Joe Bush

Joel Pelland

With 19 years of educational experience, Joe has been focused on helping individuals achieve their potential. As a motivational teacher, he helps people explore the inner workings of their mind to bring about positive change.  Whether it is through motivational speaking, leadership development, or one-on-one personal coaching sessions, Joe leads people to develop their vision and achieve success. If you would like to know more, check out leadingthroughservice.com.

Joel Pelland is the owner of T.I.M.E. Leadership and Peak Performance. He has spoken to businesses, college teams and high school teams all over the country.  He has been educating student athletes in leadership and peak performance for the last 13 years. John Maxwell certified leadership trainer and coach puts him with the best leadership development team in the world. He is also Performing Edge Certified Peak Performance coach and works privately one on one with high school, college, and professional athletes on the mental side of sport and lifestyle to give them an edge. 

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