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Illinois Human Performance Project Summer Conference 2020

Join the IL HPP Team along with impactful speakers for a three-day, two night life-changing experience! Students and staff will participate in interactive seminars, workshops, and activities designed to develop leadership skills, personal growth, and chapter evolvement!

Registration for this conference will be completed through an online platform,  PRIVIT,  beginning January 1st! Registration costs are per person and include overnight accommodations, meals, and additional conference fees.

Standard Registration – $200 (January 1st-March 31st)

Late Registration – $250 (April 1st-May 8th)

All participants, both staff and student, will need to register separately. Parents/Guardians will need to register themselves first, prior to students completing the conference forms.

Ready to register? Check out the steps below!


Steps to Complete Conference Registration


Set-up a planning meeting with your school’s Trip Coordinator to secure interest and who is attending conference. The Trip Coordinator is someone who will be the primary contact for IL HPP in regards to paying for conference, student and chaperone registration, reminders, deadlines, etc


The Trip Coordinator will need to complete this Google Form.


IL HPP will contact the Trip Coordinator once the Google Form is submitted and send a PayPal invoice (due by listed date) for total balance.

IL HPP will add the Trip Coordinator and Chaperone(s) to the online Privit system and an e-mail with an access registration link will be sent. Trip Coordinator’s do not  need to complete any forms – their role in the system is to monitor their school’s registration. Chaperone(s) need  to complete all forms listed within their account. Only one  Chaperone will need to complete the “Room Assignment Form”.


IL HPP will send designated Trip Coordinator’s and Chaperone(s) an e-mail with a registration link for parents/guardians of student attendees to complete their registration for conference. Please note, all students will require parent registration and signatures.


All Chaperones and students will need to complete online forms by May 8th and prepare for conference!

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