Networking & Training Event Highlights

Existing Chapter Training – February 2019 

The existing chapter training in February gave the opportunity to five high school chapters to network all while learning valuable team building and goal-setting skills. These student leaders learned about the three tiers of accountability and commitment, including personal, team, and leadership. Through team building activities students were able to fully understand what it takes to be a leader in many aspects of life. Each individual chapter then had the chance to come together and make a goal map for the next year to focus on what goals they wanted to accomplish and how they planned to reach those goals. Keynote speaker, David Kendziera, who is a UIUC Alum, an 8x All-American athlete, and a pro-hurdler presented on the importance of mindset in relation to achieving success and leadership. After, students were able to ask questions to better understand what steps David took to reach the goals he had set out for himself.

New Chapter Training - January 2019

IL HPP hosted a New Chapter Training to help new and developing chapters learn more about what creating an IL HPP Chapter looks like. Students participated in numerous hands on activities to help them understand all of the components of a school chapter. With the help of the IL HPP team, the new chapters were able to brainstorm what their vision for their individual chapter looks like and how they planned to make those visions come to life. The students also had the opportunity to listen and interact with our keynote speaker, David Kendziera, who is a UIUC Alum, an 8x All-American athlete, and a pro-hurdler. David’s presentation encompassed the importance of mindset in relation to both success and leadership. The students were able to ask questions to find out what steps David took to reach the goal he had set out for himself. We are very excited to welcome these new chapters into the IL HPP program!

Middle School Chapter Training - January 2019

The existing middle school chapter training was a day full of educational activities. These activities help students in this specific chapter further develop collaborations and interactions with their fellow peers. While doing so they also continued bolstering their knowledge about leadership and accountability. Students were able to continue enhancing their understanding of each of the four science modules; sleep and recovery, mood mindset, nutrition, and chemical health. 

Chapter Advisor Training - September 2018

IL HPP hosted a Chapter Advisor Training to help new chapter leaders learn more about creating an IL HPP Chapter. Attendees participated in hands-on activities to brainstorm and discuss steps for successful implementation at their school, and a panel of experienced Chapter Advisors engaged in dialogue with attendees to give their insights and perspectives based upon the experiences their school chapters had. Learning from other chapters and networking with advisors and IL HPP leaders has continued to be one of the most fun and beneficial processes for staff who are involved with this program.

Please contact for further questions and keep an eye on this web page for upcoming trainings and network opportunities for staff and students.