Safe Storage

Safe Prescription Storage


Safe Prescription Storage Tips

The first important step to safe prescription storage is to always know where your medications are at! This will reduce that chance that others will misuse or divert your medication. It is best to avoid leaving your medications out in the open on counters or tables where others can easily access them. Your medications should always be returned to a safe location not visible to others after each use.

Monitor Your Medicine Cabinet

Choose a safe location to store your medications that is up & away and out of sight from others in the household. Sometimes the medicine cabinet is not the best location to store prescriptions because of its ease of accessibility. If you choose to store your medications in the medicine cabinet, look to install a locking mechanism or find a lock equipped medicine cabinet to replace your old one.

*Other options to safely store your medications include prescription lock boxes and password/code protected household safes.

Guard and Discard

The Illinois Department of Human Services has developed the ‘Guard and Discard’ campaign to bring awareness towards safe use, safe storage, and safe disposal of prescription medications to reduce prescription drug misuse.

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