Program Assessment Tools

Program Assessment Tools

Program assessment tools such as The 5 C’s of Leadership and Coaches’ Task List have been created to help students and staff through out all stages of program implementation. These tools can be used for self check-ins, chapter check-ins, or sent to the IL HPP Team for specialized technical assistance. Check back later for more program assessment tools!

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HPP School Profile Assessment

The HPP School Profile is an assessment tool that will  help evaluate your school’s readiness to implement this program. This tool is meant to assist you, as well at the IL HPP Team so we can know how best to support your chapter. Please complete the following assessment and share your results with us by sending a copy to [email protected]

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The 5 C's of Leadership Assessment Tool

The 5 C’s of Leadership is a staple HPP assessment tool. This tool can be used to evaluate new and existing student leaders on competence, character, civility, citizenship, and chemical health. This tool will recognize existing student strengths as well as identify areas for improvement. 

coaches' task list, program assessment tools, human performance project

Coaches Task List

The Coaches’ Task List is a check list to help any HPP Coach Committed make sure they are implementing the core components of the program. This tool can help you track your own progress, or it can be used to help the IL HPP Team understand where you are in terms of program implementation. 

Personal Leadership Evaluation

The Personal Leadership Evaluation is a tool to assist student leaders in understanding their own leadership style. This evaluation is meant to point out both strengthens and weakness. Remember that no leader is ever perfect. There is always room for growth!