Program Manuals

IL HPP Program Manuals

Program manuals such as the Coaches’ Playbook and Student Leadership Manual have been created to help guide students, staff, parents, and the community in HPP program implementation. These manuals are in depth materials that are meant to give an overview of best practices and tips to improve your lifestyle and work towards a healthier community culture! Check back later for more program material resources!


Virtual Adaptations for Chapter Programming

This is a new resource created to help support schools, staff, students, and community members who are looking to adapt programming during a time where so much of our interactions are virtual! 

Implementation Manual

This  manual can be used as a guide for anyone in the process of developing an HPP chapter for their own community. 

Experiential Activities Manual

This manual is for chapters to utilize when looking for ways to integrate hands on learning with leadership development and science module education.  

Coaches' Playbook

This manual is a guide specifically for coaches who are looking to bring the HPP culture to their team. This manual summarizes what the role of a coach is in this program, gives quick facts for athletes and the science modules, and more.     

Student Leadership Manual

This manual is for HPP student leaders who are looking to strengthen their leadership skills. The Student Leadership Manual lays out the roles and responsibilities of HPP student leaders. This is a great tool for chapter advisors and student leaders to use together as they work to further develop their HPP chapter.