Mood and Mindset

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Mood and Mindset

Sustaining a positive mindset allows you to be mentally strong in the toughest of moments. Your mood and mindset are key factors that influence your ability to perform. Learn how to help manage stress, sustain a positive mindset, and contribute to a healthy culture for your community. 

Module Materials

Yoga Toolkit for Educators

Mindfulness Handout

Stress and Performance for Athletes

Mood and Mindset Guide

Mood and Mindset Guide PowerPoint

Interactive Activities

Example Mood and Mindset Lesson Plan

Cast of Characters Activity

Body Scan Activity

Daily Mood Log

Positive Inspirational Videos

These videos have been used by HPP chapters from across the country to illustrate the power of mood and mindset. If you have a favorite inspirational video that you use to promote positivity, please send it to us at [email protected]

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