Staff Committed

Being committed means to hold ourselves and others accountable to:

• Make optimal decisions about health and wellness
• Role model positive behaviors and attitudes
• Be dedicated to the process of establishing a culture of excellence and living high standards

As staff committed, we will:

• Mentor students as they establish their character and develop healthy lifestyle habits
• Be intentional about creating a culture of staff respect and collaboration to achieve the highest level of support for our students
• Ensure the development of the program by fostering new staff and student champions

Human Performance Project

Video PSAs

Check out this 30 second PSA about brain development and learn why the choices we make during adolescence are so important. 

Poster Series

Looking to share information to your students or athletes? Check out our Poster Series where you can download free PDF’s of posters to hang up in your office or classroom. There is a variety of content from leadership to nutrition to vaping.