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Parents Committed

Being committed means to hold ourselves and others accountable to:

  • Make optimal decisions about health and wellness
  • Role model positive behaviors and attitudes
  • Be dedicated to the process of establishing a culture of excellence and living high standards

As parents committed, we will:

  • Actively engage in our child’s growth and development
  • Seek conversation with other parents and continue learning about promoting healthy decisions for all of our children
  • Advocate for the development, dispersal, and implementation of resources that promote the best possible environment for youth to thrive
You are #1


Parents! You are your child’s number one influence when it comes to preventing drug and alcohol use and encouraging a healthy lifestyle for your teen. Your actions along with communication about healthy choices both send a strong message to your child. Don’t assume your child already knows how you feel about these important topics. Talking to them and making your position clear can make a significant difference when it comes to encouraging healthy behaviors. Now is your time to continue talking and making a difference in your teen’s life. Click here to learn more.

TIPS for having success conversations:

• Short, frequent conversations are better than long lectures
• Start early in life and talk often
• Be involved and know where your child goes and who they spend time with. Know your child’s friends and their parents!
• Set clear family rules and expectations about your child’s behaviors
• Listen and respond to your child’s questions and concerns
• Practice– use an online simulator to practice what a conversation might look like at SAMHSA’s Mobile App.



Check out this 60 second PSA from SAMHSA’s “Talk. They Hear You” campaign.  More example videos about how to start the conversation about drugs and alcohol with your children can be found on the “Talk. They Hear You” YouTube channel.



Learn through these one-page handouts how alcohol and marijuana can impact athletic performance on and off the field or court!

Using substances can:

-Disrupt the developing teen brain

-Cause dehydration

-Develop long-term illness and disease

-Disrupt nutrient absorption needed to fuel the body

-Impact muscle composition

-Disrupt sleep patterns


Learn about the best ways to communicate with the youth in your life with OMNI’s first parenting webinar series. Communication is the first step to having important conversations with adolescents. You do not have to attend both webinars to participate.

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