IL Human Performance Project

The Prescription Playbook

Safe Use starts with you.

Safe Storage protects others.

Safe Disposal is a solution for all.

Our Mission: Empowering and educating Illinois youth, parents, coaches, athletic trainers, educators, and other adult impactors to practice the safe use, storage, and disposal of prescription, illicit, and over-the-counter substances.   

Our Vision: To eliminate Illinois overdose numbers by empowering and educating youth to make safe and smart decisions.   


Other Accessible Materials

What Are Opioids?

This resource provides the latest information on opioids, prescription misuse/abuse, and dangers associated with improper use of these drugs. Click here to learn more about opioids.


Parentcoach, educator, and athletic trainer toolkits contain resources that bring awareness to prescription pain medications and opioids. These resources are freely available to access and download.

DEA Drug Take Back Locations

This page provides information on prescription take back locations in your community and contains other resources for safe disposal. Click here to find a take back location near you.


Information and 24/7 support lines and community resources for those seeking help or treatment with opioids and/or other substances. Click here for a list of updated resources and links!

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Abbie Lee

Abbie is the Project Lead for IL HPP-led initiatives. She graduated from Ferris State University, in Big Rapids, MI, with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Speech Communication while she concentrated in both Public Advocacy and English Literature. She has always had a strong passion for working with an active nonprofit organization such as, OMNI Youth Services, and is excited for the work she will be doing with IL HPP. Abbie is looking forward to working alongside the prevention team to help encourage youth to live their best lives by making the best choices they can for themselves.

Leia Atas

Leia, our Digital Marketing Specialist, is a recent graduate from Illinois State University, with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a master’s degree in communication. The rise in social media and technology has caught her eye in recent years, and she has taken a special interest personally and professionally in the field. As a Division I college golfer, Leia faced many mental and physical challenges, which is what inspired her to work for IL HPP. She has always been an advocate for both good mental and physical health, which is why she can be found hiking, climbing, running, or doing yoga in her free time. Leia is excited to help IL HPP and OMNI Youth Services expand their reach on social media and help students and other individuals be successful in all aspects of their lives!

Erika Hahn

Meet our newest Prevention Specialist, Erika! Erika graduated from Illinois State University in 2020, where she studied recreation and leisure management, along with community health promotion. She also received a minor in dance. Erika has always had a passion for moving her body, advocating for others, and an appreciation for learning about other cultures, which inspired her to enter the field of community health. Being able to advocate for adolescent well-being is what made her want to join the prevention team. When Erika isn’t working, you can find her at yoga, on the soccer field, in the dance studio, or on a hike. Erika is excited to utilize her creativity to find ways to connect with her communities and to promote the Prescription Playbook to parents, coaches, trainers, and adolescents.

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