DuPage Institute Day 2023

The goal of the DuPage County Institute Day is to share physical education, health education, and driver education expertise, and to influence the educational instruction throughout the DuPage County and surrounding programs. This day provides the opportunity for attendees to increase communication, share information, and heighten the awareness for the importance of our children’s health, wellness, and safety.

The Illinois Human Performance Project’s session focuses on mental and emotional health—yours and the youth in your life. Here, you’ll find the following resources: adult impactor and youth mental health statistics, signs that someone needs mental health support,  how to address performance anxiety, and more. We’re happy that you’re here to learn more about how to be a better mental health advocate!

DuPage Institute Day Website

Download Mood and Mindset/Mental Health Resources Below:

You Are Enough Poster
Growth vs. Fixed Mindset Poster
Mindfulness Poster
Stress/Performance for Athletes
Body Scan Activity
Daily Mood Log
Performance Anxiety Handout
Performance Anxiety Poster
Mental Health Poster
Mood and Mindset Guide
IL HPP DuPage Presentation

IL HPP DuPage Institute Day Speakers

Abbie 2023

Abbie Lee (Project Manager)

Abbie is the Project Lead for IL HPP-led initiatives. She graduated from Ferris State University, in Big Rapids, MI, with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Speech Communication while she concentrated in both Public Advocacy and English Literature. She has always had a strong passion for working with an active nonprofit organization such as, OMNI Youth Services, and is excited for the work she will be doing with IL HPP. Abbie is looking forward to working alongside the prevention team to help encourage youth to live their best lives by making the best choices they can for themselves.

Erin 2023

Erin Donlin (Prevention Specialist)

Erin is a Prevention Specialist with IL HPP who is highly driven to be the healthiest version of herself and desires to help others do the same. Her primary role is working with our local communities to help encourage, educate, and support youth, school staff and parents to live their best lives! She also helps to create social media content, host events and activities that support the community’s youth as well as participate in outreach to build connections and promote chapter development. Erin has a very diverse background and skillset starting with a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture, certification in health and life coaching, an eye for artistic creativity, and a passion for making a difference in the lives of those around her.

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